World War One Art Photo Project

I am doing two fine art photo series related to World War One.

The centenary of World War One runs from July, 2014 through November 2018. Around the world, a great many memorial, documentary and educational projects are being undertaken in memory.

World War One was appropriately called The Great War - setting the state for the world we live in today. Most of us are unaware of how profoundly it affects us even now. Those of us who study and have studied the war and the events leading up to it can easily find alarming parallels to today's political attitudes and geopolitics. Worse because, for all the mountains of books which have been written analyzing the decisions leading to the moment when Europe pressed its own destructive "reset" button and engulfed the world in lead and flame, there are no satisfying answers. All one is left with is the certainty that a very, very small number of men in government felt self-important enough, and desired a sense of consequence enough, that they happily and intentionally brought a war about a war which they knew would probably destroy Europe.

These two photo series are my own exploration of attitude and image related to World War One. I intend them as my own contribution to art and commentary surrounding the war, and as homage to the multitudes who died and suffered because of the sheer egocentric childishness of such a small few.