Trade-For-Print/Trade-For-Portfolio Guidelines

I welcome legitimate TFP proposals.

A legitimate TFP arrangement is a collaboration among professionals on a project which is usually intended for publication, in which they contribute their respective skills and time, and share in the credit, publicity and income (if any). For example, a collaboration to produce a  themed editorial to submit for publication. Or perhaps a shoot arranged by a magazine which intends to widely publish the images and thus give the collaborating team valuable publicity.

Please use the contact form if you with to propose TFP or make yourself available for arrangements,

TFP arrangements are not an opportunity for aspiring models or actors to get free headshots to promote their career, or for businesses to get free images to help sell their products. Those are professional tools, and it is inappropriate to ask someone should give them to you for free.

If you need professional photographic services, and cannot afford them, seek to negotiate on price or payment arrangements, or try to barter (ie. trade some product or service of value which you have). If you are a merchant you have product to trade, for instance.

Note: Often, someone will seek "tfp" photos with the promise that the photographer can use the photos in their portfolio "as payment."  Suggesting that the opportunity to provide photos is compensation to a photographer is just silly. Suggest to a pilot that his or her compensation is the act of flying itself. Ask GM to give you a new car, and suggest their compensation is the fact they produced a car and gave it to you. Clearly that is nonsense. The photographer owns the copyright to all photos he or she produces, so they can always be used in their portfolio.