Producing, Directing, Packaging & Development

studio|ménage works in several areas of production.

Director. Shadow Dragu-Mihai is an award-winning director with an affinity for notoriously difficult material. He works often in comedy, as well as artistic works. His first feature film has been recently re-released and is available on Amazon.

Producer. With over 20 years in film, and background as a practicing entertainment lawyer, Shadow Dragu-Mihai can provide thorough, detailed and practical advice and producing issues, whether those are in television, new media, live theatre or feature film. Shadow's experience covers feature film, short form, live theatre, unscripted (reality) format, and more.

Post Producer. Carrie Sparks has over 20 years in music and film production, music supervision, sound recovery & engineering, post production deliverables and post production management.

Development. Ralph Barnette has been a development Producer for over two decades. He works in the development of feature film in narrative and documentary formats; distribution and exhibition supervision, marketing and packaging.

Production Management. Off set: Line Producer or Unit Production Manager; On set: First Assistant Director. Shadow's background in entertainment law and accounting, combined with years of hands-on production experience, lends him a complete appreciation of your production. Your production may need budgeting or scheduling, project planning, crewing, casting, or day-to-day production management. Every set needs an Assistant Director who understands how to manage the many creative and technical people on your set, and appreciates the myriad safety issues and legal issues which can impact your production. Shadow can offer all these functions, and on lower-budget shoots often doubles as a Line Producer or UPM and Assistant Director.