Shadow Dragu-Mihai started out in cinematography, in 35mm and 16mm film, before entering photography. A cinematographer constantly deals with composition, lighting and both the artistic and technical aspects of photography, with an intensity that is uncommon in most photography work. Shadow's experience in motion pictures and film lends him a different approach and style than most other photographers. With rare exception, Shadow does not do cinematography or videography currently.

What kind of photography does Shadow Do? Better to ask what he does not do:

For specific reasons, Shadow does not offer retail-style photographic packages, such as you would find in a mall photo shop or a boutique wedding practice. Consumers can get those services anywhere and there are lots of people who do them well.

Shadow does custom to-order photography and specialty work. These could include, for instance, wedding photography; but specifics of the shoot would be subject to thorough consultation, and particular style would be a part of that discussion. The kinds of work Shadow does often can require peculiar approaches and sensibilities which are not always easy. Sometimes these require a creative team and detailed preparation for professional results. For instance, food photography will always require a qualified food stylist and/or a qualified chef; editorial and model shots will always require a capable makeup artist and hairstylist, as well as wardrobe stylist and sometimes more personnel (depending on the complexity of the task).

If you are interested in working with Shadow, contact him through the contact page on this website. Some of the work he offers include:

  • professional headshots
  • unique portraiture
  • art photography
  • fitness and action (particularly very fast combat sports such as boxing and fencing)
  • track & field events
  • food photography
  • product photography (including soft products like clothing)
  • professional headshots
  • publicity images
  • editorial work
  • concept photography
  • personality/character studies and documentary work
  • Photo Shoot Producing/Planning & Management
  • Direction (Shadow is an accomplished director for models of all skill levels)

See some of Shadow's work in the various photo galleries on this website.