Recent Film Work

Jacqueline Bisset on Magic Lantern Magic Lantern

In the fall of 2017, Shadow Dragu-Mihai was the Unit Production Manager and 1st Assistant Director on Magic Lantern, the latest film by art film glitterati Amir Naderi. The premiere of Magic Lantern is in the 2018 Venice Film Festival in Italy, where Amir won awards for his significant contribution to contemporary cinema in 2016. Shadow worked on the film with the amazing actors Jacqueline Bisset and Robert Beltran.

Daughters of Legend Daughters of Legend

In spring of 2018, Shadow was Supervising Producer and writer of Daughters of Legend, directed by Lu Ortiz and produced by Nice Monster Productions. Here Shadow is with the inimitable Sally Kirkland, who was one of the stars of the movie.Sally Kirkland and Shadow Dragu-Mihai

the film Zoo Zoo

Summer 2018, Shadow Dragu-Mihai was Supervising Producer and 1st Assistant Director on the feature film Zoo, by Sasha Sibley Productions. The film was shot in and around Los Angeles and Southern California. Cinematographer Lisa Stoll used both the Red Dragon and Black Magic cinema cameras for different purposes and scenes. The production had some challenges for safety and construction, particularly with the use of mirrors.

Thirteen Poster Thirteen

Shadow Dragu-Mihai was Line Producer and First Assistant Director on Sasha Sibley's directorial debut, Thirteen. Thirteen is a military drama where a CIA operative is tortured and then finds out one of her captors is only a child.