Divine Feminine

My Divine Feminine fine are photo series explores images of ancient goddesses from around the world. It will be suitable for fine art hangings.

I explore images and symbolism connected to specific goddesses. I will explore numerous cultural groups, starting the first series with Egypt. Here I include the divine twins of light and dark, Aset & Nebthet (more commonly known as Isis & Nephthys in the Greek language) Ma'at who established balance and truth, and Sekhmet-Bast the transformer of souls and Nuit the "star goddess".  Other explorations will involve Amaterasu the Japanese sun goddess, the Dark Mother Kali, the Greek goddess of magic and the crossroads Hekate, the Muses, the Three Furies, the Slavic Chuma and Ziva, as well as Europa, Astarte, the Dacian goddess Bendis, Amari De of the Romani, and others.

This series will be for sale at various pricing.