To have an accurate estimate of what the costs for your photos will be, a consultation is required.

My general professional rates are negotiable. However, I do custom photographic services, and every assignment is entirely different. Therefore, I do not have defined packages for common retail-style services such as weddings, parties, etc..

Because every assignment is different, final costs can vary widely. For example, product images can vary from $5/item photographed to $30/finished image or more. An editorial assignment can range from a few hundred to many thousands of dollars, depending on locations, model fees, additional artists such as Hair and Makeup Artists, stylists, etc.

Pricing is based on a number of aspects of the assignment:

  • the complexity of the assignment, or requirements for specialized skills
  • time involved, including preparation & design, travel, photo sessions, and expected editorial time
  • intended usage of the completed photographs, including use license, royalties or fixed fee, etc.
  • creative direction and/or production management/producing services required (if any)
  • volume of images to be produced, and special process required (if any)
  • While it is not possible to give a reliable estimate without a consultation, for comparison purposes with other photographers, refer to the following prices:
  • Per hour $55 (your camera/lights used), $75 (Shadow's camera/lights used) with a minimum rate of $150.
  • Half day rate (4 hours): $300
  • Full day rate (8 hours) $600;  overtime $112.50/hour, based on 15 minute increments
  • Travel time outside TMZ, half hourly rate, rounded to nearest hour, plus 50 cents/mile
  • **studio fees, specialized equipment, permit fees (if required) are in addition.



Standard payment arrangements are:

  • 25% of fee estimate in advance, to secure time slot/attendance. This is fully refundable up to 48 hours before the assignment.
  • 100% of anticipated expenses, where outside resources, etc. (such as models, personnel, props, unusual equipment) due in advance on a specified date.
  • balance of fees and expenses at the beginning of the shoot.
  • all payments must be in cash (if a new client) or debit/credit/Paypal.
  • Selected cryptocurrencies may be accepted, if agreed at time of contract.
  • Barter (ie. actual trade of goods in exchange for the photographic services) is possible, on a case-by-case basis, if agreed at time of contract.



Trade-for-print or trade-for-portfolio arrangements are not an opportunity for aspiring models to get free headshots, or for business startups to get free images to promote their products.

I do collaborate with other professionals on legitimate trade-for-print projects, and I welcome inquiries for interesting projects. If you are interested in TFP, review the guidelines here.