My general professional rates are negotiable. However, as every assignment is entirely different, for an accurate estimate of what the costs for your photos will be, a consultation is required.  I may work on daily, hourly, flat fee or per-finished-image rates.

However, as a guideline, for comparison purposes only (your quote may vary), I provide the following rates. These rates are a guide for straight-ahead projects.

  • *Hourly rate: $125, minimum 4 hours ($500).
  • *Half-day rate $500 - Full day $1000
  • Travel time outside the TMZ, $50/hour, rounded to nearest hour, plus 50 cents/mile if transportation is not provided by client

All rates include color correction and transcoding to jpeg or other required format. Under most circumstances raw images or digital negatives are retained.

On more complex projects, or on those which require special preparation, or where compensation is not calculated on a straight hourly rate, pricing is based on a number of aspects of the assignment:

  • the technical or creative complexity of the assignment, or the requirements for specialized skills
  • time involved, including preparation & design, travel, photo sessions, and expected editorial time
  • intended usage of the completed photographs, including use license, royalties or fixed fee, etc.
  • creative direction, preparation, and/or production management/producing services required (if any)
  • volume of images to be produced, and special process required (if any)
  • *studio fees, specialized equipment, permit fees (if required) and other expenses are additional.
  • If a shoot (including travel) exceeds 4 hours, meals are additional. Over 8 hours work in a day are at time and a half.


  • 25% of fee estimate deposit, to secure time slot/attendance. This is fully refundable up to 48 hours before the assignment.
  • 100% of anticipated extra expenses, (including models, hair/makeup, stylists, wardrobe personnel, production assistants, props, unusual equipment) in advance prior to hiring them.
  • balance of fees and expenses at the beginning of the shoot.
  • all payments on cash basis (if a new client) or debit/credit/Paypal.
  • Selected cryptocurrencies may be accepted, if agreed at time of contract.
  • Barter (ie. actual trade of goods in exchange for the photographic services) is possible, on a case-by-case basis, if agreed at time of contract.


Trade-for-print or trade-for-portfolio / trade-for-print arrangements are not an opportunity for aspiring models to get free headshots to promote their services, or for businesses to get free images with which to promote their products.

I do collaborate with other professionals on legitimate trade-for-print projects, and I welcome inquiries for interesting projects. If you are interested in TFP, review the guidelines here.