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Many people inquire about "TFP" ("time for print", or "trade for portfolio") arrangements. Shadow Dragu-Mihai will consider proper TFP assignments.

What is a proper TFP assignment?

Images which are intended as test shoots, or as collaborations between artists which can be submitted for publication somewhere are suitable for TFP arrangements. For example, where a magazine accepts themed editorial submissions, and a stylist, designer, model and photographer decide to collaborate and share copyright and credit for the work. TFP arrangements are appropriate in this circumstance.

Photos such as Professional Headshots, Actors Headshots, Product Images or any image intended to promote you or your brand, to appear on your Instagram page or in your catalog or menu, are NOT appropriate for "TFP" arrangements. Often, people use the term "tfp" here when they are really asking for free services; your commercial enterprise is not a charity and not something for which you should be asking me or any other business-person to donate to.

If you want those kinds of photos, but cannot afford a professional rate, it is okay to ask for payment arrangements or discounts, or even to offer an actual trade of goods or services.

It is NOT appropriate to pretend that somehow the photographer benefits from having done images for your professional, income-generating work by "allowing" the photographer to use the images in their portfolio (the photographer ALWAYS owns the copyright and ALWAYS gets to use the images in their portfolio). And to be honest, unless your Instagram page or website has traffic near the millions per month, it does NOT generate enough link traffic to make "exposure" a statistical benefit.

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