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I DO A WIDE RANGE of photography, many of which are represented in the galleries on this site.

YOU ARE LOOKING for superior images with an artistic flavor, be they personal, commercial, professional, special use or editorial images.

If you like my aesthetic, but are not sure if I do the kind of images you are seeking, contact me - I have many years experience in cinematography and photography, and I probably do the kinds of images you are looking for.

Some of my practice areas are highly specialized, like food photography or fashion, and require additional personnel like Stylists, Hair/Makeup Artists or Production Designers. Other kinds of images can be created with just me, you and a camera. Most images will require some processing and minor editorial. Some, like headshots, fashion and concept work, can require extensive editorial work.

Whatever your assignment, I produce superior work and go the extra mile to get you the photos you want. Photos that you want to look at again and again.



My professional rates are negotiable and based on the complexity of the assignment, and your intended use of the images.

My rates start generally at a minimum charge of $90. Depending on your assignment, I can charge:

However, I consider any budget level and always go the extra mile to get superior images for my clients; images they are proud to display and use.

I can consider TRADE (not "trade-for-print") of property, products or services in partial or full payment, depending on the assignment and if agreed in advance.



I take cash, credit/debit and PayPal through PayPal, and can take Bitcoin. I do NOT take personal checks from first time clients, sorry.

Normally, a refundable 25% deposit is required to secure future dates. Where additional personnel and expenses are required, some or all of those costs must be paid at booking (this will be discussed with you before and at booking).

Normally, the balance of fees are payable on the shoot date, at the beginning of the date. Some assignments may vary, eg. where extensive editorial is intended and planned, up to 15% of the fee may be payable upon delivery of the finished images.

*With the exception of images which require significant retouching or editing, Images are promised within 72 hours of the shoot, but are usually available within 48 hours of the shoot and sometimes within 24 hours.



Many people purchasing photographic services forget that copyright to images is never included in photo rates and copyright licenses must be in writing. As with most photographers, I do not normally sell the copyright to the photos I produce. It is unnecessary for you to purchase a copyright license on personal use images. However, a license is required by law for you to use the images in any publication or derivative work (like catalogs, brochures, Instagram, Twitter, t-shirts, magazines, banners, advertisements, etc). I can usually build that specific license into the price for you, or a specific buy-out on certain photos can be arranged.