Film & Wet Plate

I am very excited to announce that in the summer of 2018, I will be offering unique medium and large format film and wet plate photography.

Medium and large format was the standard for high-end photography in the film days. Even in the digital world, I often use a larger format camera than many other photographers, to achieve super-high resolution and large image sizes.

However, the resolution of large format film and wet plate has never been matched by modern digital equipment. Although the traditional process is much more expensive and time consuming, I am adding the older format to my practice for several reasons:

the process is appropriate to artistic subjects and specialized portraits, which I am interested in;

the painstaking analog process yields unique images which cannot be completely emulated in the digital world;

images are one-of-a-kind. They can be scanned, but they themselves are one-off works of art, technically invaluable.

Prices will be available as the new services come on line.

However, if you are interested in being involved at an early stage, I may actually work for cost in building a select portfolio. Contact me for questions on this!